Risk Warnings

While badminton is a very safe sport there are some inherent risks.

These risk warnings are given on behalf of Hunter Badminton Inc to members and non-members:

You may be injured by:

  • being hit by a shuttlecock
  • being hit with a racket
  • by hitting the net or the net support poles.
  • because of uneven court surfaces.
  • because of slippery or dusty court surfaces.
  • foreign objects on the court surface
  • contact with other objects or players on or near the court.
  • damage/wear to your clothing or footwear.
  • through the use of inappropriate footwear.
  • insufficient warm-up prior to play.
  • incorrect use of the Gym equipment.
  • using faulty or broken Gym equipment.
  • coming into contact with the Gym equipment.